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Lillie's Friends T-Shirt
Lillie's Friends T-Shirt Lillie's Friends T-Shirt Lillie's Friends T-Shirt

Lillie's Friends T-Shirt

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*We are gathering orders for this fundraising effort.  Shirts will be printed when we reach 48 units

Camel City CrossFit has created a shirt in conjunction with Reebok, Coed Sportswear, and Kill Cliff to help raise money for a charity known as Lillie’s Friends. For you all to understand why this is so important and deserves your support let me tell you about a courageous 3 year old, Lillie Boyte.

 In 2006, Lillie was 3 years old with a playful, loving, and charismatic spirit, but that all changed in October of that year when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma. Lillie spent the next 10 months fighting for her life with high doses of chemotherapy, surgery, and experimental treatments that together only had a 30% cure rate. Her family received tremendous amounts of support from hundreds of friends across the country to let Lillie know she was not alone in her fight for her life. Everyone was touched by Lillie's courage and charisma as she traveled back and forth between hospitals in three states, how she handled tremendous amounts of pain, and losing her ability to walk. Lillie unfortunately lost her battle and earned her angel wings on August 28, 2007. 

 As you all know, the most awe inspiring fact about CrossFit is its ability to not only create communities in its boxes, but also to link all those communities across the world with two goals in mind: self-improvement and philanthropy. The CrossFit Open is an event, which links the world wide community and enables us to look at how far we've come along our journey of living a healthier/happier life through the practice of CrossFit. No matter the workout, if you perform it under the desired intensity, it will leave you on the floor gasping for air. Dave Castro, in creating the CrossFit Open Workouts, has made sure everyone in the world will experience the same feelings of exhaustion and pain that coincide with giving the Open Workouts everything you got! 

 If Lillie could face her battle with Neuroblastoma at 3 years old with such courage and charisma,  the least we can do is perform the CrossFit Open workouts with not only the intent of improving ourselves, but also with an open heart to help children in need. To let them know they aren't alone in their fight. CrossFit, at its core, is all about supporting humankind. It's how the beginner becomes the Rx athlete. Why not take it the next step and show children with Neuroblastoma they aren't alone? #LilliesFriends15 #BeMoreHuman

 How are we going to be doing this? One WOD at at time:

1. Purchase and wear a Lillie’s Friends shirt while performing a CrossFit Open WOD.  (All proceeds of Lillie’s Friends shirts go to the Lillie’s Friends Charity!) 
2. Do the CrossFit Open workout.
3. Post an after picture in the Lillie's Friends shirt with the hashtags #LilliesFriends15 #BeMoreHuman.
4. Call out friends in your photo to buy a shirt, perform a CrossFit Open WOD, and add their post workout picture to the movement!


We would like to give a big thank you to the following Super Friends: 

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